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We kindly inform you that from February 25-26, 2021 the office of the International School of Gdansk is working remotely. 
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20210214grade1 100day01Last Friday, grade 1 celebrated the 100th Day of School! They dressed up as if they were 100 years old, including walking slowly, and, in some cases, with canes! They also worked on a counting booklet, where they counted out 100, by 10’s and 5’s (using tally marks!). Then, they did Station Rotations, where they counted out 100 pieces of six different items: marbles, puffs, paper clips, craft sticks, paper pictures, and heart confetti. They shared the 100 items they brought from home (beans, pasta, groszy, stickers, and Pokémon cards). Mr. Dawid had a 100-Day workout for the class during PE, and Ms. Vanesa had counting to 100 in Spanish class, too! It was a wonderful and fun celebration!




Lori Farquhar (14.02.2021)

ac9b41bd405e7c5b67ab9412c958c586Grade 6 has recently worked on The Hobbit or There and Back Again by J. R. R. Tolkien. While wandering with Bilbo and the company of dwarves to the Lonely Mountain, our students observed the mysterious, fantastic and magical world of Middle-Earth. The battle between good and evil turned out to be very difficult, but possible to win. The dwarves finally took their treasure and kingdom back from Smaug and made peace in the land around Erebor. 
Grade 6 prepared a creative project based on the novel - a travel agency that offers a trip following the trail of Bilbo and his friends. Explore Middle-Earth with them by clicking the links below!
Anna Gostomska (11.02.2021)

20210203carnivalisg 09Last Tuesday our students participated in carnival festivities. They dressed up as characters from fairy tales, movies, games, etc. Homeroom teachers had prepared a lot of fun activities for their pupils. Ms. Lori’s class did the ever-popular conga line. Together with Ms. Ola, grade 2 had so much fun. And Ms. Mire’s third-graders prepared a real carnival feast! Check out our gallery for photos of the event.






Bartosz Czech (03.02.2021)