Zdj na stroneMs. Teresa and grade 5 are taking part in the prestigious program COMPETENCE FOR 6 organized by the Children's University Foundation in the school year 2017/2018.

The University Foundation has been organizing classes for the youngest students for 10 years, cooperating with the best scientists and specialists from various disciplines. Lesson scenarios are prepared based on academic classes. The materials are compatible with the core curriculum and guarantee attractive and interesting acquisition of knowledge – through experiments, analysis and drawing a conclusion.

Thanks to the program, grade 5 will:

- take part in 5 attractive lessons about various topics,

- develop social competences,

- learn how to work in a team and share tasks,

- develop the ability to think creatively and solve problems independently,

- take part in a contest (with Ms. Teresa),

- have a chance to participate in another school project.

Teresa Łepek (15.01.2018)



Grade 1 is finishing a great Unit about communication through different syIMG 0468ems of signs and symbols. What made it especially interesting. Were our guests- Monika Gołubiew who tought us all sign language basics and Joanna Kozieł with her students from Zespół Szkół Morskich who introduced us to codes used in navy. Thank you!


Bernadeta Węzeł (07.12.2017)







Agnieszka Nowicka - El Sahli (07.12.2017)

24899865 1359474490828870 670519311854479515 nThe Festival of Light was held in our school on November 28th. We started our adventure with pouring wax to predict our future. ISG students and their parents had the opportunity to learn about the legend of Saint Lucy, Diwali, Hanukkah, Advent, Saint Martin's legend, Saint Andrew, Chinese New Year, Japanese Festival of Lights (Obon),Superheroes who use light, the best Christmas light decorations around the world, party lights, photosynthesis and the optic illusion. Each grade prepared something special for their guests like games, quizzes and other surprises. The Shadow Theatre was prepared by EISG pupils and with the laser show were the culmination of the Festival. In the end we lit sparklers in front of our school together.


Teresa Łepek (06.12.2017)